Monday, September 12, 2011

Item Styles in OA Framework

messageStyledText - When you want to display only the text and the user should not be able to edit the text then we use the messageStyledText.

messageRadioGroup - This helps to create radio buttons in your page.

messageCheckBox - This helps to create check box in your page.

messageTextInput - As the name implies it helps the users to enter data into this box.

messageLovInput - when you want the uses to select from a list of values and quick select from the values then we use the messageLovInput. This will open a pop up and you can search for values and select from the results.

messageChoice - When you want to display a list of values in a drop down fashion then you use the messageChoice.

messageDownload - Used when the user needs to download a file or attachment.

messageFileUpload - Used for displaying a button with a messageTextInput .User can browse from the local machine and upload a file using this.

button - It is a general button which has an action associated with it. You can set the fire action property which will inturn call a method which will perform that action.

submitButton - This is the button used when you want to submit data to a OAF page.

Link - Used for creating links. There are many types of links that can be created.

formValue - This is used to send value to an OAF page but without being displayed in the page.

spacer - This is used when you want to add space between your items placed in the page.

seperator - This creates a horizontal line in an oaf page.

Flex - This is a flexfield. There are 2 types of flexfields. Key and Descriptive flex fields.

urlInclude - This helps to include HTML content.

tip - Helps to give hint to the user

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Anonymous said...

In the Oracle Sourcing for Supplier we have an Action MessageChoice where we want to grey out few of the choices. I would appreciate if someone can guide me how I can personalize this message choice in OAF.

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