Monday, September 12, 2011

Regions in OA Framework

Regions are containers for different items in a page. In a page there can be any number of regions inside regions and many number of items inside the region. Every region is a java bean acting as a container for regions under it or items.

Regions inside another region is called Child Region and that is present in the same level as another region it is a Sibling.

Region properties can be set like Style, ID, Rendered etc. There are small restrictions while creating the region which will affect the way the regions and items will be displayed in the page.

Few commonly used regions styles:

pageLayout Region:
PageLayout region is the highest level layout. By default this the top most region for every page. Any number regions can be created under the pagelayout region. The java bean associated with this region is OAPageLayoutBean.

messageComponentLayout Region:
MessageComponentLayout is a very common region style used which contains all the items starting with message. For example messageTextInput, messageStyledText, etc. This region can have only these kind of items. The items can be displayed in columns. The java bean associated is OAMessageComponentLayoutBean.

query Bean:
Query bean as the name suggests is used when you do any search. It has different panels like simple search, advanced search etc. The results are mostly rendered using a table or a hgrid.
The different mode in the query region are Results based search and auto customization criteria. The java bean associated is OAQueryBean.

hideShow Region:
In a page if you want to hide and show the items or regions you can set the top region’s style to hideShow. By using this you can hide or show a part of the information or the entire section. The java bean associated is OADefaultHideShowBean.

switcher Region:
The switcher region is used at runtime to decide which item needs to be rendered. It is always bound to an attribute in VO. A view instance and view attribute is specified with switcher. The java bean associated is OASwitcherBean.

defaultSingleColumn Region:
The defaultSingleColumn as the name suggest is used for holding the items in a single column. The java bean associated is OADefaultSingleColumnBean.

defaultDoubleColumn Region:
The defaultSingleColumn as the name suggest is used for holding the items in a single column. The java bean associated is OADefaultDoubleColumnBean.

pageButtonBar Region:
When ever any item is be created at a page layout level we use the pageButtonBar region.It is the child of pageLayout level. The items create under this region will be displayed at the bottom(below footer) and top of the page(below page title). The java bean associated is OApageButtonBarBean.

rowLayout Region:
The rowLayout region is used when you want to hold a cell format inside as a child to it. It can be a independent region or a child or a tablelayout or advancedTable. The java bean associated is OARowLayoutBean.

table Region:
As the name suggest table is used for displaying data in a tabular format. It supports single and multiple selection. The java bean associated is OATableBean.

flowLayout Region:
When you want to display table actions for a table or advancedTable you can create a flowLayout. Mainly it is for buttons we use this layout. The java bean associated is OAFlowLayoutBean.

hGrid Region:
When the data needs to be displayed in a hierarchical structure the hGrid region is used. Detailed information for each row or node can also be given. The java bean associated is OAHGridBean.

train Region:
When you have multiple pages then we use the train to show the progress. A highlighted mark shows the current page which you are in. The java bean associated is OATrainBean.

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