Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oracle BOM Configuration Model

A configuration model is Model structure, configuration rules, and optionally a User Interface from which an Oracle Configurator end user makes selections to configure a valid, orderable item.

There are two kinds of Models: Models that you create in Configurator Developer, and imported BOM Models.
Models that you create in Configurator Developer are often created to provide guided buying or selling questions and may reference, or be referenced by, other Models.

Within a Model you can create any type of structure node, including Components, Features, Options and so on. You can also create References to other Models, or to a BOM Model.

Imported BOM Model

This BOM model is imported from Bills of Material using concurrent program "Populate Configuration Models" using Oracle Configurator Administrator Responsibility. The imported data is read-only in Configurator Developer because it must correspond to the BOM Model defined in Oracle Bills of Material throughout the business process. However, you can use Configurator Developer to add Components, Resources, Totals, and so on to meet your configuration requirements and achieve guided selling structure. Guided buying/selling structure provides a way to derive valid configurations from customer requirements or needs assessment questions.

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