Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oracle Application Navigations Inventory Setup in Purchasing

Define Key Flexfield Values for Item Categories      Setup/Flexfield/Key/Values

Register or Define Item Categories Code      Setup/Item/Categories/Categories Codes                                                                                                                                          
Define Key Flexfield Values for System Item           Setup/Flexfield/Key/Values

Register or Define the Master items               Items/Master Items

Define Category Sets                                      Setup/Items/Categories/Categories Sets

Assign Item to Organization                           Items/Master Items

Define Unit of Measure Class                                    Setup/Unit measure/Class

Define Unit of Measure                                              Setup/Unit measure/Unit measure

Define Unit of Conversions                            Setup/Unit measure/conversions

Define Hazard Classes                                                Setup/Purchasing/Hazard Classes

Define UN Numbers                                       Setup/Purchasing/UN Numbers

Define Item Status                                          Setup/

Control Inventory Periods

Setup Item Templates

Perform Miscellaneous Receipts                                 Transactions/Miscellaneous Receipts

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