Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oracle Inventory Categories and Category Sets

Categories and Category Sets can be used to group items for various reports and programs.  You can define an unlimited number of categories and group subsets of your categories into category sets.  A category can belong to multiple category sets.  A category is assigned to a category set at the time you define a category set.  You can elect to have a valid category list for a category set.

When inventory is installed, a default category must be assigned to each of the following functional areas: Inventory, Purchasing, Order Entry, Costing, Engineering, and Planning. When an item is enabled for a functional area, it is assigned the default category set.  You cannot delete the items default category set assignment.  Default categories are required so that each functional area has at least one category set that contains all items in that functional area.   For the functional areas, optionally, you can have a unique category set; for example, you may set up a unique category set for Purchasing.  R2i base has one category set defined to be the default category set for all functional areas.  If you disable the R2i category set you will impact this form.  You must create new category sets to assign as the default to each functional area. 
Inventory Category Codes
Navigate to: Setup> Items> Categories> Category Codes
Enter a flexfield Structure Name, a unique Category (value) for each structure segment, and a unique description for the new category.  If you want to make a category inactive, enter a date you want the category to be inactive on.  Save your work.
Inventory Category Set
Navigate to: Setup> Items> Categories> Category Sets
Enter a unique category set Name and Description.  In the Flex Structure section, enter which flexfield structure is to be used.  The categories assigned to the category set must have the same flexfield structure as the set itself.  Select a control level and a default category.
You will then need to select Enforce List of Valid Categories if you want validation of the categories at the time of input.  You will then enter in or select the valid categories for the category set.
NOTE: For the Controlled At level, if the item defining attribute of the functional area (e.g. Inventory’s is Inventory Item) is controlled at the Organization level, then the new default Category Set should also be controlled at the Organization level.
Define Default Category Sets
Navigate to: Setup> Items> Categories> Default Category Sets
For each functional area, select the category set to use as the default.  Save your work.
NOTE: The Purchasing category set should not be changed after requisitions or purchase order lines have been created which use the categories.  Product Line Accounting is enabled when you assign a default.
To assign an item to a category
Navigate to: Setup> Items> Categories> Category Sets
You can assign an item to a category from this window, or from the Item window.  To assign an item to a category from this window, click on the Assign button.  The following screen appears.
Enter in the Item number.  The description will default.  Then enter in the category you want for the item.  Once you are done, click on the Accept button.  The screen will return to the first screen. Save your work.
To assign a category to an item
Navigate to: Items> Master (or Organization) Items
Bring up the item you want to assign a category to.  Choose Categories from the Tools menu.
Select a Category Set and a Category.  Save your work.


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