Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To Find Correct DBC file in Oracle

1). http://<hostname>:<port>/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jsp
    --> Ex :

2). Enter the below details :
    Apps Schema Name        : apps
    Apps Schema Password    : <DB apps Password>
    Oracle SID          : <DB Name>
    Host Name           : <Hostname>
    Port Number         : <Port Number>

3). End of the page click on the "Enter AOL/J Setup Test"
4). Click on the "Connection Test -->Locate DBC File".
5). Copy the content and create the a DBC file with DBNAME.dbc
6). Click on the "Next (Verify settings in DBC file)"
7). If you get any warnings on "APPL_SERVER_ID" then check the below table.
8). Connect to database with apps schema query the below table

9). Copy the "SERVER_ID" value from "SELECT * FROM FND_NODES" table and change the "APPL_SERVER_ID" in DBC file then test it.

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